Wildlife Tattoo Design

This is a concept for a tattoo sleeve I have been working on for quite a while. I have been wanting a tattoo for so many years and I wanted to have some impact on the final result. Since 3D-Art is my craft, I decided to give it a go with sculpting, texturing and rendering a full tattoo sleeve design. This will give the tattoo artist a guideline for the look and the feel I want for my sleeve.

All the modeling and sculpting is done in zbrush. The texturing is done mostly in Substance Painter, some with polypaint in Zbrush. The render is done in Redshift using maya. Lastly the compositing is done in photoshop.

I did create some breakdown slides for how I did the sculpting on the different characters. Check it out over at my zBrush Sketchbook along with more images.


Asbjorn nedrehagen tattosleeve01 01 an 3k

Wildlife Tattoo Design

Asbjorn nedrehagen tattosleeve01 clay01 1440

Wildlife Tattoo Sleeve Clay

Asbjorn nedrehagen tattosleeve01 progression01

Texturing and Render Progress

Asbjorn nedrehagen wildlifesleevetattoo01

Wrapping Sleeve Layout

Asbjorn nedrehagen bear01 progress01 720

Bear Progress

Asbjorn nedrehagen koi01 progress01 720

Koi Progress

Asbjorn nedrehagen owl01 progresscrop01 720

Owl Progress