Merry New Year Monster

Picked up an old sketch I did while traveling home from Christmas back in 2016. Figured I would do a proper sculpt and finalize this guy. This is the Merry New Year Monster.

I also created a custom curve brush for the Christmas lights, which is available for download at my Gumroad page for free.

Sculpting is done in zBrush, colors are done both with polypaint and hand painted in substance painter. I did the final render in 3Delight for maya and the compositing in photoshop.

Asbjorn nedrehagen christmascreature final qhd

Merry New Year Monster Color

Asbjorn nedrehagen christmascreature clay qhd

Merry New Year Monster Clay

Asbjorn nedrehagen charactersheet color 1440

Character Sheet Color

Asbjorn nedrehagen charactersheet clay 1440

Character Sheet Clay